What is a Cataract?


Dr. Balin has been successfully performing cataract surgery for over two decades. Her surgical expertise and success have made her a well-known and respected cataract surgeon throughout western Massachusetts.
Graphic showing a diagram of what a cataract is.
A cataract occurs when the natural lens in the eye becomes cloudy or yellowed. As this cloudiness progresses, patients begin to experience symptoms such as frequent script changes, difficulty with night glare, vision no longer appears clear and colors seem faded. Although most cataracts are associated with aging, cataracts can also occur from an eye injury, frequent exposure to the sun, a medical condition or they may be caused by some medications. Cataracts may also be the result of genetics.

Since cataracts can be slow to progress, many patients may not initially notice the subtle changes in their vision. A dilated eye exam is necessary to properly diagnose a cataract. Once you have been diagnosed, you will need cataract surgery in order to remove the cataract.


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