Patient Testimonials

We are proud of our many patient testimonials and are happy to share some of them with you. These individuals have had vision corrective surgery at the Balin Eye & Laser Center and have written about their experiences.

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Laser Eye Surgery Successes

“What an excellent experience I had at Balin Eye & Laser Ctr. I knew what I wanted, & that was not to have to wear eye glasses anymore. However, I was unsure what to expect. But the staff was wonderful & they answered all of my questions. This made my decision to have laser surgery easy. Since having the surgery my vision is much better & I’m not wear glasses. Many thanks to the doctor’s & the staff members.”


“Had my first follow up today went from 20/40 to 20/15 vision! The staff at Balin was amazing throughout the whole process and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Thank you Dr. Balin!!”


“I was pleased with how quick the procedure was and how immediate the results were. Just one day after the surgery my vision was even better than it had been with my glasses. Peripheral vision in now a treat for me. It feels great to be able to see naturally the way I did before I needed glasses!”

Rachel Maddow
The River 100.9 FM

“I’d worn glasses since second grade and contacts since eighth. LASIK surgery with Dr. Balin is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My vision is sharp, my eyes look healthy, I have no halos or scratchy eyes (I did with contacts) and my eyes feel great!”

Fonda G, MD
Family Medicine UCONN

“I had been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old with progressive worsening of my vision each year until adulthood. I finally decided to proceed with LASIK and have been nothing but pleased. Dr. Balin evaluated my situation carefully and she and her staff took the time to explain the procedure and what I could expect. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering the procedure.”

Michele B., MD

“I had been wearing glasses since I was 7 years old with progressive worsening of my vision each year until adulthood. I finally decided to proceed with LASIK and have been nothing but pleased. Dr. Balin evaluated my situation carefully and she and her staff took the time to explain the procedure and what I could expect. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering the procedure.”

Renee T.
Vice President

“I was tired of wearing glasses so thick they left dents in my face. After vision correction with the excimer laser, I can see without glasses! I don’t have glasses getting fogged up in the cold, I don’t have dents in my face and I can wear eye makeup! This is Freedom.”

Nina P.
Clinical Nurse

“LASIK has given me the gift I have envied in others for more than 15 years. My vision is”better than perfect” at 20/15 in both eyes. Thank you Dr. Balin, and the fantastic staff that makes it easy and comfortable to have perfect vision through LASIK.”

Tom M.
Radio Producer and Musician

“I’m happy to recommend LASIK eye surgery at Nancy Balin’s Eye Center. I am convinced that she is among the most skilled at this procedure, and has an excellent track record. I wanted the best and I believe I got it. My vision is now 20/20. I no longer need glasses. I’d also like to praise her staff as they excelled in every aspect of their job in bringing me through the process.”

David P.
Registered Nurse

“Freedom’s just another word for LASIK!! LASIK has given me the freedom to enjoy a wide range of activities from jogging and going dancing, to turning cartwheels and playing in the snow. I can wake up in the morning and jump out of bed – no fumbling for my glasses!!! I thought I’d just have better vision after LASIK, but really I have a better life! Thank you Dr. Balin and thanks to your wonderful staff as well!”

Jennifer R.

“One day while driving to work, I got something in my eye, when I rubbed it the contact folded up under my eyelid. Needless to say that was a very dangerous and uncomfortable situation. I called the Balin Eye & Laser Center the next day. It’s wonderful to see clearly as soon as I wake up and to not have to take my contacts out at night. There are so many benefits but the best one is comfort – no more dry, irritating contacts or steamed up glasses.”

Lucille M.
Medical Technologist

“The staff at Balin has been great! I’m the envy of my co-workers. This is a fantastic procedure and a miracle of medical science. It amazed me the first time I watched TV with ease and without my glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since the first grade and now I’m not. I can’t wait for the warm weather and to swim without glasses. This has been a great experience! Thanks again Dr. Balin.”

Chip M.
Program Director
WPKX 97.9 FM

“Dr. Balin and her staff provided meticulous, expert care. The procedure was painless; my 20/15 vision is priceless. Laser vision correction is extraordinary and I can honestly say that the physical and psychological benefits are astonishing. I see better than I ever did and was pleasantly surprised to find that I even feel more confident!”

Kate M.

“I am extremely happy with the process and results of LASIK surgery at Balin Eye Center. The procedure was clearly explained and quick and painless. I received personal attention the whole way through. I am thoroughly satisfied.”

Barry W.

“Having PRK surgery has been a wonderful experience for me. It seems like an absolute miracle to be able to see without glasses or contact lenses. I feel a great sense of freedom as well for just being able to do everyday things without any hassle.

Now I wake up in the morning and can see clearly as soon as I open my eyes which is something I’ve never had-it’s a wonderful way to begin the day. Thank you very much”

Kathleen P.

“The decision to have the surgery was not one I took lightly and I did a lot of research into the area. Once I was satisfied with the information, I decided to go ahead with it and have not looked back. I am extremely happy with the outcome, not just because I have great vision, but because my confidence has been restored. I cannot thank the doctors at Balin Eye Center enough. Thank you!”

Meaghan T.

“I can’t believe it’s been almost eight months already since I had the PRK surgery. My left eye ended up at 20/15, and my right eye Is better than 20/20. My golf game has improved as well and now I don’t have to worry about the wind drying out my contact lens. What a pleasure it is to wake up in the morning and to be able to see clearly.

Thanks to your skill as an eye surgeon, my dependence on glasses and contact lens is a thing of the past.”

Donald D.
Director Corporate Human Resources Services

“Six months after my LASIK procedure it’s hard to believe I’m really seeing 20/20 with no glasses! Every morning when I wake up I’m still amazed at how well I see.”

Kayla W.
Musician, Teacher

“I recently had my vision corrected by LASIK surgery at the Balin Eye Center. This surgical procedure is painless, quick and the results are nearly miraculous. I can never adequately represent just how amazed I am with the results and I encourage anyone that is even remotely interested in corrective eye surgery to contact Dr. Nancy Balin and her wonderful staff!”

Gary M.

“I had worn glasses since the age of 19. I decided to see Dr. Balin to find out if I was a candidate for LASIK surgery. I was and had a successful surgery. I am seeing better than 20/20 and not wearing glasses at all. The freedom of not wearing glasses is great!”

Ronald J.

“Wearing glasses restricted my activities – making things like water sports and even playing with my daughter cumbersome. LASIK has made me feel independent. Like I am in control again. I enjoy being able to see the stars without wearing glasses. Wrestling with my daughter… I can recognize people easier. This surgery has given me my confidence back. Thank you Dr. Balin!!”

Colleen D.

“I have worn glasses since the third grade. My life has been a series of frames, lenses, and contacts. I didn’t know what it was like to go to the beach and actually see what was in the water – or who was waving to me from the beach. Since my surgery, I am happy to say that my first experience with snorkeling was a thrill! On a recent vacation to the Bahamas with my kids, I was able to see the fish and coral reefs! I am thrilled with the results of my surgery. Thank you Dr. Balin and staff!!”

Medora P.
Human Resources

“I had laser surgery because I think sight is such a blessing and more than anything I wanted to experience the world naturally without contacts or glasses. The benefits are unexplainable there are so many. Every inconvenience of bad vision – gone. Every minute of being able to see perfectly is amazing. It’s the best gift in the world. Balin Eye & Laser Center has been wonderful – thorough, considerate, warm and completely professional.”

Elise G.
Student Case Manager

“I’m the happiest person in the world and my thanks and gratitude go to Dr. Nancy Balin and her staff. They were all wonderful. Thank you.”

Palmira P.
Assistant VP

“It’s the freedom I like the most – Freedom from glasses steaming over, sliding down my nose, falling off and just being a general pain in the neck! Freedom from losing contact lenses, grit in my eyes, cleaning and”horsing around” with them, in general. I can now play basketball, football, walk up the mountain every morning, and even play tag with my grandchildren!

Thank you for being bold enough to introduce this great concept to the citizens of western Massachusetts”.

York M.
VP of Sales

“I chose to get my vision corrected to improve my quality of life as a whole. It has worked wonders, and I’ve recommended Dr. Balin to my family and friends. If you lead an active lifestyle, there is nothing like the freedom of not worrying about glasses, or contacts. Thanks again Dr. Balin and staff.”

Randal L.
Manufacturing Supervision

“It’s an incredible feeling to wake up and see right away (no fumbling for glasses). This is the best investment I ever made.”

Scott L.
Lab Tech

“Having the LASIK vision correction as a boost for my”get fit” campaign was one of the best decisions of my life. The immense boost to my self-esteem and being able to wear”cool” sunglasses for the first time in my life has been such added bonuses! The nearly instant results and the compassion and professionalism of everyone at Balin Eye Center made it such a positive experience as well. Thank you so very much to everyone at Balin!”

Shelley W.
Sr. Systems Analyst

“The results still seem unreal to me – I can see! No glasses, no prescription sunglasses, no prescription goggles, no contact lenses, no lens solution. This is terrific! After 37 years, I can see again without help.”

Mary Anne K.

“I’d worn glasses for just about everything except sleep! All photos of me revealed a pair of glasses hanging or on my face! This past Mother’s Day, at picture taking time, my daughter asked me to please take off my glasses and put them in my purse! This was like a wake up call!!! The next day I called Dr. Balin’s office. LASIK surgery in both my eyes was the best move I ever made! No more glasses for driving, reading or everyday use! I am a very happy post-LASIK surgery gramma!!! Thank you Dr. Balin!!!”

Patricia D.
Retired RN

“A whole new outlook on life! I am so excited to be free of those thick lens I had worn for 37 years. Since the age of 5 years old I had worn glasses. I had never realized how much they held me back from doing the things I really wanted to do. Things like sports, or amusement rides or anything that would be a threat to breaking or losing my glasses. I can’t tell enough people how happy I am and how wonderful your staff was helping me achieve the excellent vision I now have. Thank you all!”

Scott C.
Insurance Appraiser

“The LASIK surgery was a snap. I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes and would recommend LASIK to anyone interested in freeing themselves from the shackles of poor vision.”

Joe L.
Graduate Student

“I love my new eyes! I’ve been wearing glasses since the seventh grade and contacts for 30 years – it’s great to get up in the morning and not have to”fish” for my glasses. The procedure was simple and painless. Thanks a million.”

William S.

“While thinking about a way to celebrate my 50th birthday, my husband suggested that I have the corrective eye surgery as a special gift. He didn’t have to speak twice! Now, I see clearer than I ever did with my old glasses!”

Cinni D.
Registered Nurse

“I wore glasses for over 25 years. It’s great that I no longer need distance glasses. I can do fun activities like swimming, playing ball, gardening, etc. without glasses! It was worth every penny!”

Richard R.
Chemical Technician

” I want to thank Dr. Nancy Balin and all her staff for doing such a fantastic job with my LASIK surgery. I obtained 20/15 Vision and I don’t even need the reading glasses that they said I would need for close up reading. I obtained better vision than I had expected.”

Diane L.
Registered Electrologist

“Dr. Balin and her staff were extremely competent and knowledgeable, as well as friendly and reassuring. And thanks to them, I can wake up in the morning and actually see without blindly groping for glasses. My vision is 20/15 in both eye… I could not ask for anything better than that! Thank you Dr. Balin… I am truly grateful.”

Candace P.
Business Office Manager

“LASIK surgery was my 30th birthday gift to myself – New Eyes! I had worn glasses since the fifth grade and contacts for nine years. I was ready! The whole procedure was amazing and my results were outstanding! I spent a week at the beach a month later and didn’t have to contend with gritty – oily – sandy – hazy contact lenses every day! (sweet freedom!) I was married on Thanksgiving Day and smiled through tears of joy and I could even see after crying! Thank you, Dr. Balin – I don’t think I’ll ever beat this birthday gift!”

Kathleen L.
Retail Manager

“No more bothersome glasses, marks on either side of my nose, soreness behind my ears. No fear of playing sports and having my glasses broken or knocked off my face. I can go to the beach and when in the water spot my children in the surf with me or up on the beach.”

Tom D.
Production Manager

“Contact lenses have been a part of my life that I just got used to. When I learned of LASIK, I was so excited! Swimming with my eyes open, no cleaners or new lenses every year, and going right to sleep without taking out lenses! Seeing the alarm clock while in bed. All of these things have greatly improved my quality of life.

Anne Marie C.
College Admissions

“If I had to use just one word for my procedure it would be”super”! I found the surgery to be painless and quick. The staff explained everything to me in a most helpful and professional manner.”

Don P.
Self Employed

We are proud of our many patient testimonials and are happy to share some of them with you. These individuals have had vision corrective surgery at the Balin Eye & Laser Center and have written about their experiences.

“Thank you Dr Balen, Dr Brown & staff for a wonderful experience from start to finish. Iam thrilled with the results of the PRK procedure an am grateful for the care I received. Thank you again!!”


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