Over 20 Years Experience

Dr. Balin has been successfully performing cataract surgery for over two decades. Her surgical expertise and success have made her a well-known and respected cataract surgeon throughout western Massachusetts.

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A cataract occurs when the natural lens in the eye becomes cloudy or yellowed. This change in the lens progresses and begins to adversely affect the patient’s vision. Some cataracts may develop slowly so that a patient is unaware that he/she has a cataract. Although cataracts are usually diagnosed in older patients, cataracts may be present in younger patients. 

At the Balin Eye & Laser Center we recommend routine eye exams to maintain the health of the eyes. During the exam your eyes are dilated and the doctor will thoroughly examine each eye to detect any eye conditions present such as cataracts.

For more information or to schedule a cataract evaluation with Dr. Balin, please contact our office at 413-584-6666.

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